The Story of the Bible!


The Creation:

In the beginning, God created everything to be perfect and Holy!


The Fall:

Man rebelled against a loving God and believed Satan’s lie.  Sin entered into the world and into every human heart.  Everything is now distorted and broken.  Everyone is guilty before God.


The Rescue:

Jesus, who is God, came to rescue people by His death and resurrection.  By faith alone in Him, all who are separated from God, can have their sins forgiven and enjoy eternal life with Him.


The Restoration:

God will restore everything to the way that it was supposed to be, and those who trust in Jesus will get to enjoy eternity with God in a new heaven and a new earth.


Your Response:

God is inviting you to be a part of the story that He is writing throughout the ages to come.  He is offering salvation to you today, which is your invitation to the rescue God offers.  You can embrace the rescue of God by simply:

1. Admitting your need to God! (Rom. 1: 20-21, 3:23, 5:8, 6:23, 10:9-13)

2. Asking Him to forgive you and help you turn from your sin! (1 John 1:9)

3. Trusting in Jesus Christ alone to rescue you! (John 14:6)

4. Following Jesus Christ, the King of your life, in faith from this day forward!

(James 2:17, Matt. 16:24)